Two Tone Alligator belt - Checkered Flag

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 All belts have a lead time for manufacturing of 10 to 14 business days


One of the coolest places I have ever visited is Bryce Canyon in the Spring of the year.  The fields of pink, purple and blue wildflowers is a sight to behold.  Those fields inspired this color combination and is sure to be a staple for those that love pinks, blues and purples. 


Belt Sizing Guide


Product Details:

  • Genuine American Alligator
  • Made in the America
  • Only Ships to Domestic US addresses
  • Leather lined snaps to interchange buckles
  • Accompanied by our signature Jacob Hill Leather bag
  • Due to thickness of these skins, we cannot add contrast stitching

Crocodile vs. CaimanCaiman

  • Skins (crocodylus fuscus) are often labelled as being “crocodile skins”. The two are distinctly different; while crocodile skin is pliable and smooth, caiman skins are more brittle because of bony plates (known as ossifications) underneath the scales.

Rich crocodilian hide and backed by supple leather, this rugged belt is the perfect statement piece to add to any wardrobe. With their intrinsic value as nature’s most beautiful leather, crocodile skins are demanded by all of today’s top fashion brands.

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