Spitting Cobra Belt - Natural Front Cut

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All belts have a lead time for manufacturing of 10 to 14 business days


Spitting Cobra's have beautiful, extremely durable skins that lend themselves to diverse applications in the leather product business. Due to their unique markings, Jacob Hill Leather cobra belts are valued for their elegance and durability.


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Product Description:

  • Genuine Spitting Cobra Hides
  • Made in America
  • Ships to domestic US address only
  • Leather lined Snaps to interchange buckles.
  • Accompanied by our signature Jacob Hill belt bag

We offer two different Spitting Cobra cuts:

  • Front Cut: Spitting Cobra skins have their belly scale off to right and left side.
  • Back Cut: Spitting Cobra skins will have the belly scale in the center. Back cut Spitting Cobra skins are also referred to as belly skins and are more popular in high fashion with their 3 dimensional look.

Spitting Cobra skin belts are backed by supple leather, this classic belt is a perfect to compliment any wardrobe. All Jacob Hill Leather skins are culled from the wild each year and traded with strict quotas according to CITES regulations.

For questions with your order, please call 704-879-9477 or email sales@Jhleathers.com