Hornback Saltwater Crocodile

Rugged, understated, casual, exotic – all words that can be used to describe the look of luxury in Piedmont Leather’s Genuine Crocodile Belts. Using hides from South American Caiman Crocodiles and Australian Saltwater Hornback Crocodiles, Piedmont Leather finds the balance between rugged American styling and exotic extravagance in these hides. Using the traditional processes of vegetable tanning, heat glazing, organic steaming, and hand-crafting, you get the epitome of substance and style in a Piedmont Leather Crocodile belt. Produced with the best quality skins legally available, fully lined in genuine leather, crafted and finished by hand in the USA, and designed with a vision for timeless style, Piedmont Leather belts incorporate both a refined elegance and the American spirit.