What is a Cash Cover?

A cash cover is an ultra thin wallet that is great for carrying essentials: cash and cards - No Costanza's here!!

How many cards can a Cash Cover carry?

Optimally, (for best comfort) about 5 per side.  The pockets on the inside will expand and hold more than five, but you be the judge.

Do I have to carry it in my back pocket?

No, we recommend a front pocket, but it is yours, so you decide.


Length - 4"

Width - 2.5"

Thickness - Varies - 3/16" Empty to 1/2" Loaded


Does the O ring really keep it secure?

Absolutely!  Over the years we sold more than 4,000 cash covers and have not had a report of any issues with O rings.  They will break over time and you can shoot them across the casino at Caesar's (personal experience on that one), but they will keep your cash and cards safe.

Do you keep most cash covers in-stock? 

Yes, we do.  Generally, if you are able to purchase a cash cover on the website, it will ship that day or the next.  We normally have approximately 250 cash covers ready to go.

Can exotics be shipped outside of the USA?

The CITES Act prevents us from shipping reptile skins outside of the US without a fairly hefty ($$) permit.  These permits generally start around $300 and go up.  The skins that do not require permits are as follows: Ostrich, American Bison, Stingray, Shark and Italian Pebble Grain.  We certainly wish we could ship any skin out of the USA, but without a permit it is bad news for both the seller and buyer.


What is in my box?

Cash covers ship in a matte silver gift box.  So, if you are giving it as a gift, you are good to go!!