Choosing the Correct Python Cut

Choosing the Correct Python Cut

There are two different cuts of python available in today’s marketplace; front cut and back cut.  The back or front incisions made when opening the skin determine the cut. The production of front cut vs. back cut is based on market demand and feedback from previous seasons. Today, more back cut skins are in demand. There is no quality difference; only personal tastes and preferences.

  • Front Cut python skins have their belly scale off to right and left side. Popular uses are furniture, belts, boots, and wallets.
  • Back Cut python skins will have the belly scale in the center. Back cut python skins are also referred to as belly skins and are more popular in high fashion and dominate the handbag industry with their 3 dimensional look.

Bleaching vs. Non-Bleached

The Bleaching process removes the natural markings commonly known as the diamond effect. This is determined once the skins have been harvested and preparing for the per-color or the crust stage. Both styles are equally available. Depending on your preferences and the desire for uniqueness within your target market, determine if you prefer a transparent natural marking embedded below the color you choose.

Glazed vs. Matte

Glazed skins are also referred to as shiny. Matte skins don’t have a glaze and can also be customized to garment grade by adding more oil during the final stages of tanning for a modest surcharge.